precision sheet metal fabrication
SMS Industries

SMS Industries is a precision sheet metal manufacturer that has been serving its’ customers for over 20 years. Operating from our 50,000 square-foot facility, located just minutes from downtown Las Vegas, SMS Industries sits at the heart of gaming and gaming manufacturing. Being local to Las Vegas, SMS maintains a strong presence in the gaming community, however we have a tenured resume in supporting customers in a variety of fields.

SMS Industries’ commitment to our customers’ success is key to the excellent quality and On-Time delivery performance enjoyed by our customers. An ever-present goal for efficiency coupled with industry experience allow us to meet or beat our projected lead times and to remain very competitively priced.

Investments in new technology, personnel and equipment spurs our continued growth and success and allows us to provide exceptional customer service and a high quality product.

Exceptional Workmanship, Quality and Customer Service
of Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication